Humanities & Sciences (H&S)
  1. Electricity and Photonics
  2.  Nano-material, Nano-composites and Novel Materials
  3.  Mathematical Modeling
  4.  Synthetic Green Chemistry
  5.  Environmental Science
  6.  Business Communication, Managerial Competency & Linguistics
  7.  Life Skills
Technical Education
  1. Challenges and Opportunities in Technical Education
  2. Bridging Gaps between Education and Employment
  3. Implementation of Recent Trends in Teaching-Learning Process
  4. Best Practices in Skill Development
  5. Inclusive and Sustainable Growth through Training and Skill Development
  6. Industry- Institute Interface
  7. Enhancing Employability Skills among youth
  8. Role of Technical Education in Development of Indian Economy
  9. Value based education for holistic development
  10. Holistic Business Development through Mindful Business Leaders
Evaluation & Assessment (E&A)
  1. Online examination and Innovations
  2.  Modes and matrices for setting of question papers
  3.  Design of experiment for conduct of laboratory examination, oral & practical examination
  4.  Evaluation and Assessment matrices (parameters)
  5.  Evaluation tools and impact on its stake holders
  6.  Standards to be followed for evaluation
  7.  Program outcome attainment through effective measures
  8.  Use of Technology (Digital transformation)
  9.  Integration of E&A techniques for improving results
  10.  Adopting new standards for E&A
  11. Quality Assurance