Humanities & Sciences

  • Electricity and Photonics
  • Nano-material, Nano-composites and Novel Materials
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Synthetic Green Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Business Communication, Managerial Competency & Linguistics
  • Life Skills

Technical Education

  • Challenges and Opportunities in Technical Education
  • Implementation of Recent Trends in Teaching-Learning Process
  • Industry- Institute Interface
  • Inculcating R&D Culture in Technical Education
  • Role of Technical Education in Development of Indian Economy
  • Value based education for holistic development

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Online examination and Innovations
  • Challenges for conduct in CBCGS
  • Modes and matrices for setting of question papers
  • Design of experiment for conduct of laboratory examination, oral &¬†practical examination
  • Evaluation and Assessment matrices (parameters)
  • Evaluation tools and impact on its stake holders
  • Standards to be followed for evaluation
  • Program outcome attainment through effective measures
  • Use of Technology (Digital transformation)
  • Integration of E&A techniques for improving results
  • Adopting new standards for E&A
  • Quality Assurance